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Swimming For Life

Two young fish are swimming along and meet an older wise fish swimming the other way. The old polite fish nods at them and says, “Morning, boys, how’s the water?” The two young fish swim on for a bit, then one looks over at the other and says, “What’s water?”

The most obvious and important realities are often the ones that are hardest to see or talk about. For fish, water is so much a part of their environment that it never registers — it’s just “the way it is” and is never questioned. It’s no different for people.

Every day the sun rises and every night the sun sets…unless you are up earlier enough and are confronted with a sunrise that captives your senses, we just presume the big yella will indeed rise and shed light on our day.

A huge percentage of the stuff you tend to during your day will be as automatic and your expectation of the outcomes can however be proved wrong and deluded. The fact that you wholeheartedly believe something does not make it truth, you only believe what you choose to believe.

Sometimes we think inadvertently that the Universe revolves around us, because you are at the centre of everything you ever experience. You are the common denominator to your experiences and feelings.

The way you see the world is not how the world actually IS, rather it’s only the way you see it. We are very clever to automatically filter in what we wish to understand or realise and filter out what doesn’t suit us so much.

What we focus on creates a level of self-commitment and then we subconsciously find evidence to support this focus.

Swim in a sea of scarcity and you’ll never have enough as your evidence will clearly support the lack of abundance around you.

Swim in a pond of problems and your life will be about problems, it will feel like problems are hunting you down and hindering your progress.

Swim in an ocean of possibilities and all you’ll see are possibilities, keeping an open mind and a positive mind are thought processors that our brains need to be trained in.

Swim in a lake of gratitude and you will never be stuck in feeling your missing out because you don’t have.

You choose. The crazy thing is that it all starts with being aware that it is only a choice.

This is not earth shattering news to most, neither be it wrapped in modern thinking or mysterious wonderings, it merely is a suggestion that we all swim in water of our own making, generated by how we choose to think.

We’re just unaware that if you don’t deliberately think about this and deliberately direct your brain to think a certain way then you allow your brain to work it out for its self… and probably blame someone else when it doesn’t work out like you plan.

There are things in our day that we can have a direct influence on, like our attitude when confronted with a super conscientious driver that chooses to drive the expressway at 80km per hour, or showing respect by holding the door open for other people you don’t even know, or choosing to be grateful for what you have rather than pine for what you haven’t.  

It’s no wonder we can unwittingly feel grumpy sometimes and not pin point the catalyst of our feelings. If you were the driver behind our slow expressway pilgrim, then had the office door close in your face and had to endure the miserable rantings of a workmate full of envy…making it to the morning tea break can feel exhausting.

Maybe it’s time to snap out of the automated day in day out life and take a broader look at what’s happening. Maybe the earth doesn’t need you to be dead centre for it to revolve around, and just maybe if we change our focus a little we will find more possibilities than problems.

Your real power comes when you take note of the surrounding water and make a conscious decision about how or if it serves you and what you will do to create the swimming conditions you would prefer.

Of course this is no magic remedy for a carefree happy life however it is a starting point to see the things we take for granted and how we may be able to affect our immediate surroundings, physically, mentally and emotionally.

David Trim.

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