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Sales Academy

Are you getting the most from your sales team?

Your business will make more money from having your sales team learn how to create additional sales from the same number of prospects.

Here is what you will learn from The Sales Academy Workshop:

  • What motivates buyers’ decisions

  • Understanding personality profiles and why you must know this for sales

  • Fears of customers and how to overcome these hurdles

  • Fears of salespersons and how to train yourself to overcome them

  • How to run a sales call

  • 5 step sales process, customised for each individual

  • Managing conversations

  • How to measure your sales performance so that it energises you

The 5 Step Sales Process is a tried and proven success sales process that works for all sales – from retail to presentation-style selling.


FEES – $497.00
Per person attending.

GROUP RATE – $397.00
If three or more are attending from the same business.

Talk to us about specific training for your business.

All prices are plus gst and as per our terms and conditions of trade.

'We received so much value from this workshop and saw the benefits the very next day. Thanks for changing our sales team”

“I have been in retail for over 35 yrs and after this course i felt re-focused and enjoyed putting David’s selling steps into practice, with great success!”

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