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Business Development


“Your business is just a bus that will drive you to wherever you want to go … it’s just we’re not that good at telling the bus driver where we want to go.” - David Trim

Successful people do what they need to do not just what they want to do

Maybe you’ve become selective in your tasks that you choose to work on, leaving the disliked chores waiting?

It is the way that 80% of medium sized businesses operate. While you remain locked down in this form of operation you will find it hard to dig yourself out…

Maybe you need a business expert to work with you to shift your focus to

driving profit, streamlining your business and building long term value.


  • Business owner coaching

  • Executive management coaching

  • Online training and resources

  • Key productive indices

  • Representation – preparation and/or attending important meetings including: negotiations, business purchases/sales, situations requiring anonymity


  • Independent employment agreements

  • Contractors agreements

  • General contracts and agreements – drafting and negotiations

“Every great team or sportsperson has at least one great coach. 
Business coaching brings an outside perspective and high levels of accountability to your business" 
– David Trim

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