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Lets Beat Covid-19

One on One short term coaching plan


This programme is one on one coaching to ensure you come out from the Covid-19 disruption in top form.

  • Coaching will be one hour per week online or by phone.

  • We will cover all topics starting with what you need to do right now, through to covering all aspects of your business to ensure it remains profitable or maximises the opportunities in front of you.

  • Maintaining your leadership while making tough and bold decisions and in some cases making major changes to your business model.

  • Your coach is 20 years experienced and will ensure you stay connected, confident and will hold you accountable, sharing your wins and losses as we go.

  • You will also receive guidance through the process of any HR issues, planning finance and how to monitor performance when your team are not at the same workplace.

Coaching will be over a 4 week period. It will include regular weekly coach meetings as well as catch up phone calls in between where required.

A special Covid-19 assistance rate of $590.00

Get help with Tough Decision Making


Painting the picture for your team.

A dose of reality: how do I approach this?

  • Tips and methodologies to making tough decisions about your business viability

  • Don’t delay the hard decisions, give the bad news early

  • How do you be the strong leader you need to be , while having to deliver bad news.

  • Understand the cost of not making the tough decisions

  • Understanding the cost of extra protection and who's going to pay for the compliance costs

  • being firm with your customers and clients, revising trading terms and terms of engagement

  • Tips to communicating and   getting your business under control


This is a  2 hour online workshop running every Friday until the end of June.


Workshop fees are $175.00 per person

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